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Judge Jackson Changed Microsoft Big Time

jjcmJudge thomas penfield jackson’s ruling that Microsoft cannot force OEMs to buy Internet Explorer as a condition of their Windows license raises more questions than it answers. But the questions, at first blush, seem either unanswerable or unimportant from a pure force-of-impact standpoint.

While the media can’t have enough of this story, the ruling will hardly be felt by anybody except the main players, spinmeisters, and some programmers and marketers at Microsoft. Let’s walk through it:

COMPETITION. There are only two browsers that matter: Netscape’s and Microsoft’s. The judge’s decision won’t change that. What he seemed to be saying is that Microsoft cannot tie the potential success of a rising product to an established monopoly. But he also wrote, …

No Red Carpet for Local Access


The spirit of cooperation has not led incumbent service providers to roll out the red carpet to help rivals access their local networks.

In most cases, the cooperation provided by incumbents has fallen far short of the commitment required by potential competitors to provision alternative voice or data services on existing networks.

In the most recent indictment of the Regional Bell Operating Companies’ uncooperative attitude, the U.S. Department of Justice last week warned the Federal Communications Commission not to approve an application by BellSouth Corp. to provide long-distance service in Louisiana.

The DOJ’s recommendation was based on three factors: BellSouth’s refusal to unbundle its network elements for potential rivals, its pricing of network elements and its substandard operational support systems.…

IT Security Even More Important For Health Organizations

itsDaniel Moffatt, vice president and CIO of Carondelet Health Systems, a national network of Catholic hospitals, is making a leap of faith. So great is his belief in Internet security technology, Moffatt has set up a VPN on the public Net to transfer the most personal and confidential data: patients’ medical information.

While other hospitals are using the Net to host public Web sites, two Carondelet members, St. Joseph’s Hospital and St. Mary’s Hospital, in Kansas City, Mo., have constructed a secure Internet link to transport patient records, lab reports and electronic signatures to their physicians’ private offices or homes.

ISPs (Internet service providers) are touting scalable virtual private networks as an inexpensive alternative to dedicated data lines. But …

Retrieve Everything Now With Professional RAID Recovery!

Have you lost a file or accidentally deleted something? Do you need it badly that you need to have it again but do not want to go through all the problems and process of having to redo everything again? Having a RAID 5 server is a nice setup, as if in case someone loses a file, they can easily retrieve it because of the redundancy. A lot of people have been calling now and then to ask if there is any way they can retrieve the files or files that they accidentally erased permanently. Thank the fast pace of technology for discovering something that is very useful to everybody. RAID servers are recoverable, even when it seems like the hardware is corrupted beyond reason.

dell-serversRAID recovery is very useful to all server administrators because without it, they will be in serious troubles. There are many recovery companies out there on the web, by the way but not all of them are as good at recovering RAID servers as Hard Drive Recovery Associates. This data recovery company focuses on RAID repair for Buffalo, IBM, Dell and other manufacturers.

How Effective Are Dell PowerEdge Recovery Services When You Need Them?

As we all know, there are many ways how you can recover your files but that would depend on what the brand is. Just like for any computer or device that is made by Dell, Dell PowerEdge recovery services are the best solution if you are scared to lose your files. Even if there is a backup for your files, it is still important to have a professional in case your Dell device bites the dust. This ensures that even you have your back up files, you can still get the files back. There are many people who use Dell as their primary device. There could be many reasons why they chose this brand. One of the reasons is because this brand has a reliable tools and systems.

There are many cases when users forget to save a file or back up their important files. Read the rest of this entry »

Telecom Act Changed Everything for IT

taAlmost two years after passage of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, corporate IT managers remain sorely disappointed with the pace of local telephone competition and its twin promises of greater choice and lower prices.

Far worse, true competition is likely years away unless the telecommunications industry’s largest players stop dragging their feet.

Potential rivals to the incumbent RBOCs (Regional Bell Operating Companies) and GTE Corp. currently have two options for providing alternative local services: reselling the local lines owned and controlled by the incumbents, or constructing their own bypass networks.

In either case, the trouble and expense of building alternative local networks, combined with the difficulties with coordinating resale of the incumbents’ local facilities, have limited local phone competition primarily …

How To ReUse Old Tech

htrotTHE OLD SONY TELEVISION IN MY HOME OFFICE WAS considered state of the art when I bought it 20 years ago, and it still displays a beautiful picture. It’s far from obsolete. The only problem is that it doesn’t have enough audio-visual inputs for all the cable, satellite, videocamera, VCR, and computer multimedia jacks I want to stick in it.

The new TV–the salesman calls it a “video receiver and monitor” has lots of A/V jacks and sports a bigger screen than the old set’s 19-inch one, and it costs less. Not a bad trade-up.

Meanwhile, I’ll hand down the old Sony to the kids, who don’t care about such things as S-video inputs, dual-tuner PIPs, and graphical onscreen operating …

10 Time Saving Business Tips!

tsbtTime may be on Mick Jagger’s side (at least according to the song), but it’s probably not on yours. Your business makes so many demands that time has become an adversary. Even when you dip into your evenings and weekends, it seems impossible to get everything done–not to mention find time to spend with your family.

* Technology to the rescue. You may think you’re using technology to its maximum timesaving capacity, but there’s always room for improvement. We’ve uncovered more than 15 techniques that can liberate precious minutes from your day and hours from your week. Judging from our estimates, these ideas could add up to an entire extra day for work or play. More time for fun

Certification Remains Key To IT Success

itseIT organizations are using internal certification programs to train and reward staff by offering well-defined career tracks and clear-cut promotion guidelines

When Dana Nutter decided recently to flex his professional muscles by changing jobs, one of his main goals was to chart a clear career path. Like most IT professionals, he wanted to vault to the next level in his career and believed a new job at a new company was the best way.

Last September he landed at Computer Applications Corp. and found not only better job opportunities but also something he had never heard of during his 17-year career–an internal certification program.

Computer Applications, a network management services provider in Huntington Beach, Calif., is one of a number …